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Benefits of Banana

Whenever there is a cheap and good result, the same name comes on our Juba and the name is Banana . Yes, friends, bananas are much more benifit to eat. Banana, which is very cheap, as well as it is available in 12 months market. Banana is very beneficial for health. Banana is very helpful in lifting weights and reducing leanness and removing our daily need of energy.

The banana is of two types. A raw banana and the other ripe. It is not that the ripe banana itself is fine and not raw. Rather, both Kelo itself has its own advantages. By eating raw banana, blood disorders, burns, wounds and cough are cured. The same cooked fruit is delicious, nutritious, eliminating hunger and weight gainers.E

Energy reductionist:

Banana caters the need for the energy we need throughout the day. Banana contains very beneficial ingredients that meet the body’s needs. Many times when we are tired and we feel the need for energy then eat bananas. By eating two to three bananas every day, our daily needs are easily completed. So whenever you feel the need for energy then you are not able to eat banana.

Correcting the Blood Effect:

If you have a blood pressure problem then you should eat it. Banana cures the impurities of our blood and keeps blood flow down in the body. Diagnoses blood problems easily. Start banana for any problem related to your blood

Diseases Removal:

If you have any problem related to stomach, you should start eating bananas. Banana is like a panacea for stomach problems. It can also remove the related diseases of your stomach. Whenever you get the problem of DST or dysentery, you have not eaten it. Apart from this, banana is beneficial in removing the heat of the stomach and also removing it.

For a healthy and healthful body:

Curative properties are found in bananas which help in increasing our weight. Banana keeps our digestion right so that we eat anything of ours – Piya looks well in our body. When you have food in the body, you will see its effect. Every day two to three bananas will increase your weight significantly by eating continuously for 2 to 3 months. It increases weight but controls your fat. That’s a very good specialty.

Other Benefits of Banana Foods:

*. If the blood is not closed even after injury, then apply banana stalk juice at that place.

  • If you are getting nervous then get rid of it by mixing a spoonful of sugar and a small cardamom, by cutting it in a cooked bowl.
  • If you have an herpes problem, then grind the banana peas in lemon juice and apply it to the paste.
  • Those who have ulcers should eat raw banana.
  • If you are getting urine again and again, mixing Ghee with banana juice benefits it.
  • Due to diarrhea, diarrhea with diarrhea provides relief from diarrhea.
  • Burning banana leaves on the floor, even after burning on some of the body, gives relief to the burn.
  • To remove the blisters of the mouth, eat bananas with the cow’s messenger “Ghi”.
  • Pregnant women should eat plenty of banana.

Harm Of Eat Bananas:

Banana is not harmful according to its nature . But at what time do you consume it or how to take it, this harmful can make it. If the banana is not good at night then you do not consume the banana at night. Never eat water after eating banana, otherwise it can do harm.

Those people who have problems of fibers or sputum, should avoid eating bananas or else the banana fiber will increase. If you take care of these things then there is no harm in eating bananas. Whatever will be the benefit of it.


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