Best Precautions to take & Cure for Malaria


Malaria fever is an infectious disease. The person who is bitten by a facial mosquito anophilous. In this mosquito a special type of bacteria is found which is called Plasmodium in the doctoral language. The point to note is that there are 5 species of bacteria found in this female mosquito. The bacteria called Plasmodium, due to the bite of the mosquito, goes into the body and it multiplies multiplied in the patient’s body. This bacterium illuminates the liver and blood cells by infecting it. In the event of non-treatment at the time, this merge can be deadly. Fevers, sweating, body aches and vomiting are symptoms of this disease. This mosquito can be prevented if the dirt and water does not accumulate around you.

Types of malaria – 
Plasmodium falsiparum (P. Falciparum) The
person suffering from this does not know what he is saying . The patient feels very cold in it. Along with this, he gets vomiting with pain in his head. The special thing is that in this fever, one’s life can be lost. 

Sodium vivax:
Most people suffer from this type of malaria fever. The Vivax Parasite comes mostly during the day. It produces nonine tarsian malaria, which shows its effect after every third day ie 48 hours. The symptoms of waist, head, hands, feet, absence of appetite, high fever with trembling etc. are seen in this disease. 

Plasmodium oval malaria (P. ovale):
also produces noin tertian malaria.

Plasmodium malariae:
Plasmodium malaria is a type of protozoa that is responsible for benign malaria. It is found in the whole world. This malaria is not as dangerous as plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax. This quartan generates malaria, in which the patient comes to the fever every fourth day. When a person has this disease, then they start getting protein from urine. Due to which the body lacks protein and swelling occurs in the body.

Plasmodium oval malaria (P. ovale):
also produces noin tertian malaria.

Plasmodium nólisei (P. knowlesi):
It is usually a primate malaria parasite found in Southeast Asia. The patient suffering from this malaria gets cold due to cold. After which the problems of headache, lack of appetite, and problems arise

What to eat in malaria

– feed the malaria patient, it benefits in malaria. 
– Mixing honey mixed with papal powder and taking it together provides benefits in malaria fever. 
– Eat pulse-rice khichdi, porridge, sago. These are easy to digest and also nutritious. 
Cut off the lemon and put black pepper powder and rock salt on it, the taste will be fine and the benefits will also be reached. 
– By eating guava in malaria fever, the patient gets benefit. 
– Boil basil leaves and black pepper in water, filter and drink.

Do not eat or drink this in malaria-

do not drink cold water at all nor bath with cold water. 
– The patient should not eat mango, pomegranate, litchi, pineapple, orange etc. 
– Do not stay too much in AC or sleep in AC at night. 
Do not eat curd, scent, carrot, radish etc. 
– Do not consume foods made from chilli-spices and acid juice.

Prevent mosquitos from growing. For this, keep in mind the cleaning around you. Mosquitoes grow in stagnant water. Therefore, clean the drains and fill pit etc before the rains. Use the same water that is covered for drinking too. 
Keep sprinkling insecticides from time to time on every corner of the house. Not only this, if plants are planted in your house, keep on spraying pesticides on them too.  
– To avoid mosquitoes in the rainy days, wear clothes covering the entire body. Such as kurtas and pajamas etc. on the whole side 
Can also use frosting cream and spray. 



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