These things will make you smart & Your brain sharp


Everyone wants to be smart and everyone wants that they have the answers to every question. However, it is difficult to have the answer to every question, but you can become smart by using your intelligence correctly. First of all it is very important to know about passion and curiosity. Many experts say that maintaining curiosity about the world helps in strengthening the mind, making you happy, strengthening your relationships. Also, we will tell you some facts which will make you feel genius and increase self confidence. 

Do you know that coming in crows that ‘bad books’ can prove to be dangerous for anyone? According to the Wildlife biologist’s study, crows have the power to recognize the face of every person. If you have ever done something wrong with crows and they see you then you can take revenge. 

The human breathes about 22,000 times every day, and according to the Longs Foundation of Australia, no matter how much anyone can excel, there is still about one liter of air in their lungs, which makes the lungs enough to swim in the water.

Like cats, music is very dear to cats. But they do not like the music of humans. This is the reason that scientists at University of Wisconsin, Madison and Maryland have composed “Cat-centric music” together. This music, especially for girls, is named ‘Kojamos Air’. 

‘Dja wu’ will have heard about it. Although 100 percent has not been proven, it is a consensus that ‘Dja wu’ occurs when there is a delay in transferring information from the side of the brain to the other side, so the brain receives full information twice. It seems that the same incident has happened before.

In 2015, a man in Texas found an Armadillo roaming around his garden and tried to shoot him. It was surprising that Armadillo’s skin bulletproof turned out. Also, the person who turned out to be unlucky, discovered this because when he shot, he jumped straight into the jaw with the Armadillo.

 Did you know that their real name was actually a little taller than we actually did. Well it was quite long. The full name of the painter was 23 words of Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Napoquenano Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santissima Trinidad Shahid Patricio Clito Ruiz Y Picasso.

Sometimes due to increasing age or lack of excitement, the brain does not work properly and we forget things or do not care for much time. All the work that is said to be fun is important and they should be included in your daily routine. After this, look at the changes you have made.

How to make brain sharp?

Try to understand everything correctly :

Make your target to understand one object or person for a week. You can do this during the trip or in the metro or even during tea – coffee breaks. If you want to do this, keep a notepad with you, in which draw the image of that person or note its small actions and actions. Doing this activity will increase your short-term memory. At the end of the week or on the evening of the evening, try to remember all those objects without looking at them. If you remember all people, then your long term memory is quite good and if you can not do it, then after a while you will be able to easily recall all the drawings.

Listen carefully:

When you receive a phone call, watch the name on the mobile screen, try to recognize that person’s voice, or when you are listening to the song then try to identify the musical instruments used in that song. Also, try to recognize his singer’s voice too. Listen to a song every day for a week. This will accelerate your memory.

Smell or taste:

Whenever you go to a restaurant, order a new dish, try to identify the special flavors falling in it. If you think that in this dish – these flavors are lying, then confirm it with the waiter or ask anybody who knows about that dish. This will increase your taste and smell ability.


Open your fridge, and close your eyes, try stuffing in the fridge and try to identify them with fragrances. Find things that are kept in their place and identify them with smell and smell.

memory :

Every day you take two numbers from your mobile, which you call frequently or several times a day. Remember those two numbers and the next time you want to talk to those numbers, do not take them out of the call and dial them, this will strengthen your memory. Write down the number 14 remembered in the 7 days at the end of the week and in this way make your memory strong.

Distance, area, voice, visionary:

Being vigilant in any issue makes you active and sensible, this gives you an idea of ​​distance, quantity and area. Along with age, you forget to remember the hard things. If you really want to make your mind sharp, then after going back to any new place and returning from there, prepare a map based on your memory. Try things like, try to guess the paperweight and its weight and thickness.

Developing the ability to build any object :

If you develop your ability to build any object, then you acquire the ability to create something from small things. For this you can do two types of exercises: take a jigshaw and take it as many pieces as you can, and then carefully note how you can arrange them. After one week, do it again and after a short time, make the space tough, increase the number of pieces. When you’re bored take another jigshaw.


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