Health Benefits of eating Custard Apple


Custard Apple (sitafal) Health benefits Seetaflha or Sharif is the subtotal fruit. This is the fruit of the Annosi species, and the ruffle growth of the upper skin of its size and fruit gives it a completely different identity. Its white color is wet like creamy, dadaner and curd, and it has black color seeds. The diameter of this fruit is 8 centimeters. Its shape is irregular round, shaped like a heart. The outer cover of this fruit is very tight and thin. This fruit is mostly West Indies. In Central America, Peru, Mexico.

History of pumpkin (History of Custard Apple)

Symptom has been mentioned in the paranormal legends. It is mentioned in some texts that when King Dasharath had sent Rama to wife in Moha and had been sent to live in the jungles, then at that time Ram Sita used to bring these fruits. Sita loved this fruit, so this fruit is called as Seetafl. However, the historical truth can not be proven by paranic name. People associated with Vanshipati say that due to the yield of this fruit in the winter season, people call it a ‘Sitaphthal’; the other one is the medical reason that due to excessive consumption of this fruit winter can be cold, but people also call it a triumph is.

Type of pumpkinĀ (Types of Custard Apple)

These fruits are of different types –

  • Pink is large – its size is quite large and it is the most delicious. This fruit was named after the name of a gentleman living in Pink Oustralia. Pink Monsieur brought this fruit to Australia.
  • African Pride – This is a ten feet tall tree, and the size of the seafront is also small. It is much more than the seed seafront.
  • Late Gold – This golden symptom with soft skin is quite rare. This species is around the northern rivers.
  • Geffner – This species is in Israel. The taste is most different and distinct.
  • Hilary Whiteness – This is the average size of the soft skin.

Nutritional components (Nutritional components)

Citifax contains many types of nutritional minerals. These minerals are good for the body.

  • Vitamin C – Citaph is rich in vitamin C which protects diseases.
  • Vitamin A – The vitamins present in the citaph is good for a skin and hair, but it is beneficial for the eyes too.
  • Potassium gives you energy.
  • Magnesium keeps the pH level of the body balanced
  • Copper removes diarrhea
  • Fiber is easily used to digest food.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

  1. To increase weight

If you are worried about your figure, then regular exercise will improve your personality. Due to it being manganese and Sugar, it naturally develops your body and there is no harm in it. Regular but controlled quantity will not be distorted even when body weight increases due to intake of intake.

  1. To protect against diseases

Citaph is a good source for natural antioxidant vitamins, it enhances the immune system and with its continuous intake you can fight with many harmful radical viruses in the body. Due to its decision, many types of diseases can be avoided.

  1. To avoid heart failure

Potassium and magnesium, available in sufficient quantity, are beneficial for keeping the heart healthy. This heart protects from trauma. A substantial amount of fiber and protein available in the septum reduces blood pressure and regulates cholesterol and protects against heart attack.

  1. Weakness away and energy all over

Citaph is a necessary diet to keep the amount of water in the body i.e. pH levels. It provides relief in knee problems. The magnesium available in it removes the weakness and dysfunction of the body.

  1. Eye protection

Eating intake for eyes is very beneficial because it balance and enhances eye power due to available vitamin A, vitamin C and essential riboflavin. Apart from this, it also provides protection against many diseases of the eyes.

  1. Mental anxiety

The neuronic elements available in the seafront relax the mental cells. It is a panacea for stress, depression and mental disorder.

  1. For tooth and toothbrush

Calcium available in the seafront is very beneficial for teeth and gums. Calcium is strong in the teeth. Gum and teeth get strengthened due to the tan obtained from the outer skin of this band.Powder is also made to keep the teeth clean. People use it even when there is pain in the teeth.Continuous eating of it, mouth stenosis also disappears.

  1. Allergic lesion

Fungi blisters that are caused by the effect of virus or bacterial virus in the body, from the leaves of the suffeil or tree, are also cured. To make poultice, its tree bark is grinded and applied in it by adding salt. There is considerable work in home remedies.

  1. Hair safety

You can also protect your hair from the seams. Mix the seeds with milk and make the paste.After the preparation of the lip, put it on the head. Keep in mind that these coating should not be in the eye.

  1. Descent

Consumption of raw citric acid in constipation or diarrhea is relieved. They can also keep the pulp of raw citrus dry in the sun. If you are suffering from diarrhea, you can soak it dry in water and drink it.

  1. During pregnancy

In pregnancy, most of the women are drunk, vomiting. In this condition, consuming intake is very beneficial. Not only does vomiting stop but also relaxes with mental restlessness and physical procrastination is also less. After childbirth, the intake of milk in the milk of children is increased due to the intake of seitan. In addition, the amount of sugar in the seitan is very high so that you can keep your weight balanced in the right amount. There is no harm in this.

Apart from this, there are some benefits: –

  • Healthy blood transfusion of menstrual period
  • Treatment by grinding peeling on insect bites
  • Do not spread bacteria on the leaves of trees
  • Persistent intake of citaph is also beneficial for practically removing irritability. Vitamin B complexes present in it soften your navel and relieve mental anxiety.
  • You can also consume it to avoid blood shortage. By eating it, blood circulation in your body is also improved.
  • Continuous intake of seizures gives relief from arthritis. Life gets annoying from this disease of old age, so its consumption is good for older people.
  • It is necessary to consume the amount of sugar present in the body. Successful work is done by making sugar in the field.

Vigilance (Precaution)

  • Wash it thoroughly before consuming citaphs and wash it well.
  • Take a look at peeps and seeds carefully at the time of eating. There are toxic elements in it.
  • Diabetic patients do not eat it or consult a doctor.
  • Consult Ayurveda doctor once for external use.


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