This is why you should eat one papaya in a week


Papaya (papita) gun and benefits (Fayde) in hindi Papaya is a yellowish fruit rich in vitamins A and B properties. It is also used for eating food as well as for Taqua. Vegetable tikki is made from raw papaya. Rice is eaten as a papaya fruit as well as it is also used for making juice, jelly, jam. Many people also use papaya as Face Peac. Yu is a very famous, but it is very famous, but the Indian papaya is very tasty to eat. Different types of papto taste also differs.

Nutrients present in papaya –

Potassium182 mg
Carbohydrate11 gm
Sugar8 gm
Protein0.5 gm
Vitamin A19%
Vitamin C101%
Fiber1.7 gm

Papaya is very beneficial for health. In 100 grams of papaya, 1 to 2 grams of protein, 98 calories, 70 mg iron, and fibers are also in abundance. Papaya is also extremely beneficial for the stomach, it also helps in digesting food. If raw papaya is cut and put in non-veg, it gets cooked quickly.

Papaya is a very potent fruit. But it is more useful to eat fresh food. It does not have much fresh water till it breaks from the tree, so it should be used early. The fruit of papaya seems under its leaves. If a person imposes a papaya tree, then the tree will soon be able to give fruit in 2 to 3 years.

Benefits and benefits of papaya

  • Yellowish fruit papaya’s anus removes constipation, indigestion, like stomach discomfort.
  • If a person has jaundice, papaya is very beneficial.
  • Papain has Papen salt substance which is helpful in digesting food.
  • It is also used to make the face beautiful. Applying papaya on the face does not lead to acne on the face and it also reduces the face of the face.
  • Many people use papaya as a natural bleach.
  • Papaya is also beneficial for the eyes, Vitamin A is rich in abundance, there is no root cause of Salt disease, as well as the light of the eyes.
  • Papaya is also beneficial for teeth, if the blood comes from the teeth, then papaya is also beneficial in it.
  • Papaya is also beneficial in hemorrhoea disease, if papaya is not constipated by eating it, it also benefits piles.
  • Papaya Ram Baran is for the person doing the dyeing. Many people who are dieting include papaya in their food.
  • Papaya gets 12 months in a year, it is useful in both fruits and vegetables.
  • Papaya is also used in making jam and jelly.

Other benefits of Papaya (Papita ke Other Fayde)

  • Lower cholesterol – eating papaya reduces cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol is the main cause of heart attack. To reduce cholesterol, start eating papaya. Read about the symptoms and treatment of high cholesterol here.
  • Increase the immunity of disease – By eating papaya, the immune system is strong.There is no immediate effect of the disease in your body. There is vitamin c in it, which prevents diseases.
  • For arthritis patients – By eating papaya bones are strong, this gives a lot of relief to rheumatic patients. Read Home Remedies for Arthritis Disease here.
  • Monthly trouble – eating papaya is a great relief for women and girls. There is an enzyme called Papin, which reduces pain in the body at that time.
  • Reduce stress – By eating papaya, the hormones change in the body, and they calm you down during stress, anger.
  • Cancer – eating papaya can also kill the life-threatening cancer.
  • For hair – Papaya is also good for hair along with skin. By applying papaya paste in the hair, the hair is long dense. At the same time , the troubles of Russian are far away.


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